Building Bridges to Success

Even highly successful people get stuck at times in their lives. When this happens,  finding your balance or achieving your goal may seem impossible. Maybe you feel burnt out,  overwhelmed,  or no longer connecting with your passions. Perhaps you are trying to do it all for others,  forgetting to take care of yourself,  and your body begins to show it.

We all face challenges in life,  but when you are stuck with them for a while,  you may feel like you are standing alone on the edge of a canyon,  not being able to see your way to the other side. This feeling can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety—emotions which can turn a merely difficult obstacle into an impossible life challenge.

At Mind Wave Institute,  we harness the natural healing power of the mind to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Using techniques that tap into the usually inaccessible subconscious to release the mind’s full potential,  we help you eliminate old emotional baggage,  get rid of limiting beliefs,  and reduce stress and anxiety for a rich and rewarding life in the flow.

By using the proven techniques of Medical Hypnotherapy,  Neuro-Emotional Technique,  Self-Hypnosis Training,  Guided Imagery,  Mindfulness,  Guided Meditation,  and Lifestyle Coaching,  we have helped clients lose weight,  eliminate phobias,  reduce stress,  remove emotional blocks,  improve performance,  connect with passions,  and achieve both their optimal health and their most heartfelt dreams.

I can’t wait to discover how we can help you.

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—Dr. Cindy Sholes
Director,  MindWave Institute

The Mind Wave Institute is located at Vitality Gateway,  555 Veterans Blvd,  Redwood City,  CA 94063.
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You can reach us by phone at (650) 704-1252,  or using our Contact form.

The Story of Anna—Finding Control

“It started with my husband overhearing a conversation in an elevator: Two women talking about overcoming a 30-year-long smoking addiction in a single session of therapy.

My husband immediately thought of me. I wasn’t a smoker,  but I had been struggling with weight issues for more than a decade. I was ashamed of my weight: Unable to accept the way I looked,  I felt like everyone around me was passing judgment as well. I had lost confidence in myself,  my work,  my relationships—and I felt helpless.

My husband came home and handed me a business card for Dr. Cynthia Sholes. I was skeptical at first but Cynthia’s background as a doctor of neurobiology was reassuring, and I found the Neuro-Emotional Technique described on her website intriguing. Many of my friends had spent years in various weight loss therapies with not much to show for it;  I knew that I needed a different approach. NET was worth a shot.

At a our free consultation I found Cynthia to be soft-spoken,  sharp-minded,  compassionate and trustworthy. I got the impression that she genuinely wanted to help me. After going home and giving this some thought,  I decided to start therapy.

The best way to describe Cynthia at work is as a human condition detective. I saw a difference in myself after the very first session. Using neuro-emotional reprogramming,  she eliminated my issue of shame first,  which freed me to address my weight problem. I began to regain my confidence but most importantly,  I began to lose weight.

In just 8 sessions over a 12-week period,  both my mental and physical state improved dramatically. I got off the antidepressant medication I was taking and went back to doing excellent work professionally. Expanding my social circle became effortless too,  which made my confidence soar. I’m in the best mental shape I’ve been in years. Thank you,  Cynthia!”

— Anna from San Mateo County

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