Secrets of Permanent Weight Release

Do you find yourself eating even when you aren’t hungry?

Does your struggle with your weight take your time and energy?

Do you wish you had control over your cravings, but instead you feel like food is controlling you?

At Mind Wave Institute, we offer a customized, individual-sessions program for anyone who has fought the weight battle unsuccessfully and is eager to regain control over their eating habits—with permanent results.

What does the Mind Wave Institute’s Permanent Weight Release Program offer?

Our Permanent Weight Release Program consists of 10 individual sessions distributed over six months. Dr. Cindy uses a combination of methods, including Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) and medical hypnotherapy, along with nutritional counseling, to break negative eating patterns and promote healthy ones. Each person’s sessions are based on the individual’s unique needs and responses to the program.

You will also receive Hello Slim and Sassy, a set of Dr. Cindy audio recordings that will reinforce the lessons you’ve learned in your sessions.

Over the course of your customized program, Dr. Cindy will teach you how to:

  • Eliminate emotional eating and limit the beliefs that create barriers to your success
  • Establish enjoyable, effective and healthy habits that work for you and support your weight loss goal
  • Develop effective strategies that will allow you to be the master of your weight permanently

Listen to Dr. Cindy share the some important tips in Six Habits for Effective Weight Release:

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Here is what some of Dr. Cindy’s patients are saying:

“I received amazing benefits from hypnotherapy for gradual, permanent
 weight loss. Dr. Cindy helped me find my goals and focus on them. 
After a couple of sessions, I felt stronger, more confident and
 ready to make healthier choices. Hypnosis is the most peaceful, relaxing 
experience, and I recommend it as a tool for anyone faced with life’s toughest obstacles. I feel good about myself again, and I am grateful to Dr. Cindy for all the help and support she offered me.”

 Redwood City

“Dr. Cindy helped me tremendously in my weight loss struggle. I tried many things over the years to lose weight and was able to lose pounds at times; however, I could never keep those pounds off. I read an article about hypnosis and weight loss in my local paper and decided to give it a try.

Dr. Cindy takes a holistic approach. She uses a combination of techniques to help you to reach your goals easily and safely. I was amazed how I lost pounds without feeling deprived or hungry. During the treatment, I never obsessed about food and calorie intake like I had in the past. Cynthia’s methods encouraged me to eat healthy, maintain portion control and exercise regularly. I have changed my habits on a subconscious as well as a conscious level. I used the CDs she gave me to reinforce the personal sessions at home. These CDs also helped me relieve my stress and relax my mind and body—an extra benefit.

I encourage you to contact Dr. Cindy if you want to lose weight. Hypnotherapy has worked so well for me that I will enthusiastically use it for other behavioral changes I want to make.”

—Tina, Emerald Hills